Water Treatment Plant in HDPE

POTABILI, is a high-tech water treatment plant, the result of years of experience, development and research.


Our Strengths


The conception and design of individual modules of Hexagonal Prisms of equal shape and size that contain each of the processes separately, allow the configuration of an original mosaic, and from it, incorporate modifications (extensions) in the treatment by adding new modules to any stage of treatment.


The external dimensions, the shape, the size of the hexagonal prisms and the weight of the same confer to the plant, the great ease of transport in standard containers (by land, sea or air), a situation that is not reached with the Plants Conventional even if they are compact, due to the minimum height that must be respected in the latter mentioned, being designed in a single unit.


The Potabili Plant, in its minimum expression (CMM-Minimum Modular Set) is made up of four hexagonal prisms, each containing the basic treatment processes and obtaining a flow rate of 20m³ / hr. In case the required demand grows regardless of the amount, it is possible to meet the new flow; adding more reactors to the existing installation, in this way the plant presents an adaptability to growth in an optimal and unlimited way.


It is the 1st World, Modular HDPE Plant.

This new modular plant for the purification of fresh water, surface or underground, is easily transportable, built in HDPE (which provides a solution against oxidizing agents), with the almost zero execution of civil works, designed so that individual processes are perform in hexagonal reactors (which optimize these processes), which leads to a minimization of the occupied spaces, and the obtaining of large flows of drinking water; compared to traditional plants, so that installation costs are drastically reduced as well as maintenance costs, where a single operator without major difficulty can become responsible for the management and maintenance of the plant.

Allowing in a future to expand without limits, the flows of purification, without having to interrupt the Services of distribution to the population.

The saving of investment and operating costs are the result of the conception and design of individual modules of Hexagonal Prisms, built in high density polyethylene (HDPE), equal in shape and size that allow the configuration of an original open mosaic, a its modification with the incorporation of new modules. With a minimum investment, an “upgrade” is achieved that will also make possible a reduction in the dosage of chemical products and will simultaneously cause higher sedimentation loads and higher filtration rates, resulting in an improvement in the quality of the water produced , an increase in treatment capacity and significant savings in operating costs, because no more human resources should be required for the same functions.

Great Design and Incredible Features

Its main benefits are: the Logistics of the transfer, the Modularity of the processes, the useful life of its components, the Performance in terms of flows, the Economy in Maintenance and in the initial Investment.

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Our Advantage


The shape, size - dimensions - and weight of each hexagonal prism have substantial comparative advantages of mobility and assembly that allow maximum economy of scale. These advantages translate into savings in economic, human, machinery and equipment resources, and time in transport, assembly and expansion processes.


Each of the treatment processes (Mechanical Flocculation, Hydraulic Flocculation, Sedimentation and Filtration) are contained in the same Hexagonal Prism, equal in shape and size as modular units.


Optimal flexibility to achieve increases, adjustments or adaptations of the water treatment or production capacity, incorporating Hexagonal Prisms with the type of process (Mechanical Flocculation, Hydraulic Flocculation, Sedimentation and Filtration) required without the need to mount additional complete Plants.

Freedom of Configuration

Absolute freedom and flexibility to “assemble” the mosaic of Hexagonal Prisms containing each process, according to the space requirements and obtaining with the hexagonal shape to regulate the maximum surface necessary for the treatment, with the minimum perimeter without leaving gaps or unproductive spaces with an optimal use of the available land.

Continuous Flow Vision

The superior interconnection gives it the characteristic of friendly operation, of simplicity and flexibility cooperatives. The water inlets from every hexagonal prism containing a previous process to every next prism in the “Treatment Train”, is made by the top of them. This innovation assigns the Plant a “Cascading Hydraulic Line” from one hexagonal prism to the next, in a scenario of continuous vision of the flow that gives obvious benefits for the optimal operation of the Plant and an excellent visual observatory for the operators themselves.

Functional Versatility

The type of upper interconnection by window allows the ease of the total assembly of the Plant or the installation of new hexagonal prisms, to face seasonal, short or long-term changes in the quality of raw water due to environmental changes, of the sources used. The ease of the type of superior coupling between new and existing hexagonal prisms of processes and its rapid start-up, gives the "Treatment Train" a great capacity to absorb routine or unforeseen hydraulic peaks (Reserve Capacity and redundancy).

Our Process


The component stages of the process are carried out in independent reactors, so that each stage is located in a reactor, they are hexagonal binoculars, equal in shape and size of 1 meter. long and 3mts. height, obeying the best design obtained, to maximize the stages.

  • 01- Quick mix

  • 02- Flocculation

  • 03- Sedimentation

  • 04- Filter

  • 05- Disinfection

Our Plant


World Drinking Water


People without access


Daily Deaths


Waterless schools

Our Models


Q = 15-20 m³/hour


Q = 30-40 m³/hour


Q = 45-60 m³/hour


Q = 300 m³/hour


Some of its applications:

Reduction or elimination in the medium and short term of problems due to production deficit (quantity and quality) in water supply systems.

Execution of projects for the production of safe drinking water and work programs in a country, region or group of villages, in very short periods of time.

Improving the quality of drinking water in existing plants, properly mixing drinking water produced by our plant and water produced by the conventional water treatment plant.

Increased flexibility of safe drinking water production systems, in water supply systems combined with different underground and surface water sources.

Replacement of conventional treatment plants (sedimentation and flocculation pools, filters, etc.), to perform in these rehabilitation and reconstruction works. During this improvement process, with the application of Potabili, the production of drinking water continues, thus avoiding investing resources in engineering projects and civil works.

Increase in total production capacity in existing water treatment plants.


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